Welcome to Fall!!!




I did say that I would have the pictures from the Acuity Insurance installation posted right away… I am almost caught up with photo edits… Promise!!!


But! for right now… Take a peek at the gallery and see what we’ve set up for our local shoppers for this Fall…


We always do a glass pumpkin patch.  Glass pumpkins make a great centerpiece.  They’ll never get squishy on the bottom and leave a ring on your mantlepiece!

Gourds in a topaz charger
Gourds in a topaz charger


Gourds are fun for us to make each year… Trying to form glass in the wild and wacky shapes of our favourite gourds is a fun challenge the staff in the hotshop looks forward to every year.









Acorns and Grape clusters are also in season and make wonderful gifts if you are visiting your friends for some holiday dinners…grape-ornaments





Pumpkin wine bottle stoppers dress up a bottle of wine…





                                                                               And Ghosties!file_008

                                                                          Come and pick out one of our little friendly ghosts for yourself!


Soon we’ll be switching over to icicles and candy canes and Christmas balls and I really will post all of the pictures from the Acuity Insurance installation…Pinky Swear!