The Orangerie?

Orangerie? can you say that in a sentence?

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I was inspired to take up glassblowing because of my experience watching a glassblower in Venice make a flower. And, I’ve told you about how I went to Venice and watched the amazing floral chandeliers come to life there.This post is about how a flower chandelier I made quite a few years ago and about making a set of 4 sconces to complement it and it’s current installation in the owners new home.

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844

Owners often move their chandeliers from one home to another. But this move would add four sconces to the room where the chandelier would be displayed. The owners gave us a very specific commission. Working together the husband and wife team came up with a sketch and a good description. They called for a bouquet of flowers wrapped in deep blue and finished in Satin brass. Although their Chandelier has only yellow tulips they wanted to use the bouquet to introduce more of our flowers and colors into the room. This is exactly the kind of creative work that we love to develop and so, several weeks ago we went to work honing the design.

Finding exactly the right shape for the blue base of the sconce was an interesting process as we worked on creating the twisted tail at the base of the cone and creating enough and yet not too much room for all the lighting inside.  The brass also took some experimentation.  We do almost all of the metal work we need right here in the shop.  But we don’t work with brass very often and we wanted the finish to co-ordinate perfectly with the fixtures that were in the home already.


Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844



Eventually, everything was just where it should be with the sconces and the long-suffering owners were finally ready for installation.  They were building their dream home and had been through a long and complicated construction process. Everyone was finally ready for the installation.  We would be hanging the existing chandelier and the four sconces all in the same day.  The house was almost finished, but just barely.  Electricians were putting on finishing touches and painters and plaster finishers were carefully inspecting.


Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844

Up until this point, we had not seen any images of the space.  Although we had color samples and had spoken at length regarding the feel of the space and the elements that would occupy it that first sight was breath-taking.


Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844


This room was created as an orangerie.  Although we can just buy an orange or a lemon at the grocery store nowadays, these beautiful rooms were once a refuge for those who could afford them.  In the days when winter time nutrition was a struggle, a bright and sunny room like this would be used to keep citrus trees safe through the winter.  This perfect jewel box of a room is finished in Venetian plaster which will acutally become limestone over time.  It is an amazing thing to see all of these ancient building and decorating techniques preserved and put into use in a room like this. Every detail in the space is a delight and our modern style of blown glass somehow looks right at home. The fact that the owners chose my work so many years ago because of their love of the glass flowers which I learned watching in Venice makes it all fit togther perfectly

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844





The day we got the call part 4

Our Guests Arrive…


The group of six executives from Acuity was due to arrive in the early morning.  I had rented a Lincoln Navigator to shuttle us all around in, figuring that if I had come this far I should go all in.  And so, nervous but excited and both drooling and lisping I put on a blazer (a twice yearly event) and headed to the Trenton Airport.  They arrived right on time in the company jet (a Gulf 4, I think) and we headed to over to my very spacious new rental.

We spent much of the half-hour ride out to my property talking over the construction project as a whole. I was asked about my progress and I had no sooner started to fill them in than we were there. Because of the position of the house in relation to where we parked, they could not see the sphere suspended from in the two ash trees at first.  We walked about a fifty feet towards the main house and only once we passed that corner did the 15′ sphere come into view.


It seemed like forever while I waited for someone to speak… “Well! What do you think?” I finally asked.  They were simply speechless; I believe I got a unanimous twelve thumbs up and everyone loved it.  All at once everyone began to speak to each other and to me, telling me how excited they were to have my work in the corporate headquarters.  CEO Ben Salzmann said he thought they should do a documentary on the making and the installation of the project.  But, as wonderful and as all of this was, the best was yet to come…


We got the blues…

Belle Mead Hot Glass Robert Kuster Glass Garden Art
Belle Mead Hot Glass Robert Kuster Glass Garden Art

As excited as they were about the three 15′ spheres for the main hall, Ben had a bigger vision.  He wanted to add four slightly smaller spheres, two in each the East and the West wings.  Now, in addition to the spheres of red, yellow and orange, I had assembled several panels of other colors, primarily in blues and greens.  It was important to be sure about the colors before moving forward and these panels would give the executives a chance to see the glass up close and in a grouping of pieces. Ben walked right over to a panel set up in an equal mix of Emerald, Cobalt, Amethyst and Aqua and it was decided right then and there that we would do four more 10′ spheres in colors exactly as I had them laid out.


I’m not afraid of heights, I’m not afraid of heights, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not afraid of heights!!!

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844

On a side note…

A couple of days before the spheres big debut, I had the bright idea of chartering a helicopter and doing a little aerial photography.  I popped into the Princeton airport and scheduled a flight. My pilot had done this kind of flying for real estate photography many times before.  When I told him what I wanted to do he said “no problem” and “have you done this before?”  Thinking to myself “how hard cans this be” I replied “of course”.  Now, as I buckled into the tiniest helicopter I had ever seen, the pilot walked around and removed my door!  “What are you doing?” I exclaimed, which clearly revealed that I had not, in fact, done this before.  He explained that in order to get any decent shots I would have to trust the buckles and lean out of the door to shoot.


As, I began to turn alternating shades of green and white my pilot said ‘Ready?” and off we went.  The trip to my home was only 3-4 miles as the crow flies but when you are nervous and nauseous that can feel like a long way.  I asked the pilot if it was normal for these things to shake so much, it felt as if the whole machine would just vibrate apart well before we got anywhere.  But as we climbed higher and began to move forward a little faster I started to calm down.  It actually became exciting! In about ten minutes we had the sphere in view and I watched as we got closer and closer and it grew bigger and bigger. To be hanging out of this little bubble in the sky and clicking away was truly an adventure I will never forget.

Whats in a name?

On the way back to the Trenton Airport Ben said we should name the installation. At this point I don’t remember who came up with the exact name But, I remember saying Seven Sisters and Ben saying Seven Sisters of Acuity and that was how it got its name.  Dropping Ben and his team off at the airport I felt exhilarated.  Here I was, one day making small gift items and trying to grow my glass business and the next day in a situation that made me feel like the King of the World! Life was Good.


A touch of spring


It’s early March and the promise of spring is just around the corner. And with that promise comes memories of dogwood and cherry blossoms.  Although Robert Kuster has been playing with the idea for some time, observing the awakening going on in the garden here brought  this new installation to fruition in the gallery.  The classic form of the flowering cherry is timeless and universal. It is a symbol of the fleetingness of the spring and also now of friendship and peace.  Seeking to honor that form and bring its beauty inside – Blooming Branches took shape.


The Blooming Branch Installation is a unique combination of an intricate and detailed metal branch and the bright and glossy cherry blossoms.  This branch was actually cut here at Belle Mead Hot Glass in the metal shop to correspond to the branch of a real cherry tree.  The form was enlarged and altered as needed to fit precisely into the gallery space we wanted to fill.   We’ve also been experimenting here with integrating the glass flowers into painted branches in murals or trompe l’oeil, or in other applications where the wall contours or surfaces might make the steel branch less appropriate. Working from the needs of the space, we create a lifelike branch form in whichever material is most appropriate to the environment.  And then, after meticulously sculpting the flowers, simply fill the branches emulating Spring Herself.

At only 2 inches in depth off the wall surface, the Blooming Branch integrates easily into spaces where 2-dimensional art might seem to be the only option.  Although it was created to bring the natural world inside it is equally suitable for creating a beautiful and natural aesthetic in the out-of-doors.   Using our mounting systems developed here at the shop, the Branches can be mounted in any sheltered place, such as a patio or garden wall.

If you are interested in the Blooming Branches for your home, or business, please contact us at 908281 5516

Robert Kuster Bellemead Hot Glass Cherry Blossom
Robert Kuster Bellemead Hot Glass Cherry Blossom


This Cherry Branch is 36″ tall by 72″wide; each hand-sculpted flower ranges from between 5″ -5.5″. The wall clearance on this form is very low. At only two



Honey I Shrunk the Plates!

Little size big Possibilities

Some artist like to “go big”. Jeff Koons sculpts giant balloon animals. Christo and Jeanne-Claude drape huge public buildings in fabric. After many successful installations of large glass-scapes incorporating some fairly big blown glass plates filling areas as expansive as 2,500 square feet, I wondered about the possibilities that would be inherent only in “going-small”. And that is how the “Scatter” series began. This series of both large and small groupings appears like flowers blossoms tossed into the breeze to scatter naturally as they fall or a a gathering of butterflies.

mini plates 01

The individual plates are lightweight and simple to install. In custom colors, they add a spark to spaces both large and small, indoors and out. They are low profile; sitting relatively flush against the wall (about 1″). They are as perfect for stairways, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and other high traffic areas as they are for clustering in quiet meditative spaces. They are unaffected by moisture and other out-door elements, and so are an excellent choice for more exposed areas where textile and paper arts might suffer.

In small groupings they create an intimate feel, like a small vase of flowers, in a corner by a favorite chair, in a powder room or on a patio. In larger groupings they can create the organic feeling of a flock of birds wheeling or a drift of flowers on a hillside.

Bellemead Hot Glass Mini plate series
Bellemead Hot Glass
Mini plate series

Due to the adaptability of the in-house designed mounting system these plate compositions can mount to almost any surface in a home or business. And, because of the light weight of the individual pieces and our special mounting system these plate compositions can float right up the wall and onto the ceiling seamlessly.

These “Scatter” forms measure from 4″ to 5″ and are always custom made. If you would like more information about a grouping for your space, please contact us.


Restaurant Nicholas

The artistic centerpiece of the main dining room is a large fiery chandelier designed by Belle Mead Hot Glass. The project was completed in 2006 and was a collaboration between Nicholas Harary, chef and owner of Restaurant Nicholas, and Robert Kuster of Belle Mead Hot Glass. The chandelier is back lit so that warm light is diffused throughout the dining area which compliments the serene atmosphere of the room.

Belle Mead Hot Glass was asked to complete a second project for Restaurant Nicholas. Three ceiling plate displays are in production now. Each piece will measure 6’x10′ and when completed will be comprised of about 120 individual plates. This piece will most likely be installed within the next three months.

Since 2000, Restaurant Nicholas has been one of the premier restaurant destinations in America. With his no-nonsense approach to New American cuisine, Chef Nicholas Harary and his wife Melissa have redefined modern fine dining absent of the big city. Located in Red Bank, NJ, an hour south of New York City, Restaurant Nicholas has garnered some of the highest praises from all avenues of the food industry including; four stars from the New York Times, and a 29/30 in both food and service from the Zagat Survey (2005-present). In 2008, AOL named Restaurant Nicholas one of the top 11 restaurants in the country. In 2011 and 2012, Restaurant Nicholas was included in Gayot’s list of the Top 40 Restaurants in the US. Restaurant Nicholas is currently celebrating its 12 year anniversary and has achieved nationwide recognition for its carefully crafted menus, exquisite cuisine, hospitable service and décor. In addition to dining in the restaurant, guests enjoy visiting the namesake bar, Bar N, where bartenders serve signature martinis and meticulously crafted seasonal cocktails.