Sea Life Series

Inspired By The Sea

Every so often a client comes to us  with a very clear vision of what it is that they want. In this case the couple came from a small seaside town in Europe, they were building a summer house near Miami Beach Florida. The couple asked  if we could design a pair of custom chandeliers and two pairs of wall sconces that would evoke their love and memories of their seaside village back home.


We began the process with a color pallet that is light yet colorful. We started with various shades and opacities of white then began adding light blues, greens and seashell pink along with some accents of deeper blues.

The next step was to add in the sea life. These sculptural details add the life to the Sea Life theme. These include sea shells, seahorses, starfish, and some organic shapes that reference jellyfish and coral. Once all these choices had been made we started on the mock-up samples for approval.

This next part of the process is the portion we seem to enjoy the most. Composing the piece, we work each day at a pace that allows us to test our ideas as we go along, building, then changing, standing back to take a look and then making adjustments, fine-tuning the balance of color and then continuing until the piece is ready.  In this case this portion of the work took about a month.


The results were amazing, a complex visualization that looked like a coral reef  bursting with life. The clients were thrilled, and so were we. We continue to make this style of chandelier for other clients with no two ever ending up the same. With every new version we have the added benefit of our clients input, making each one a very special and unique piece.