Resorts World Casino


As you drive up to the Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct Race Track in Ozone park New York, you are welcomed with three glass panels illuminating the porte-cochere with an image of the Manhattan skyline. The centerpiece is a 28′ long structure accompanied by two 18′  pieces to complete the effect. All are back lit to create a stunning night display.

Moving into the lobby you are greeted by two flame chandeliers – both a brilliant orange in color. As you move throughout building lighting created by Belle Meade Hot Glass is visible throughout the entire raceway.

“Belle Mead Hot Glass worked alongside JCJ Architecture for 7 months to create a total of 26 pieces of art which are visible throughout the  raceway – 2 chandeliers, 8 sconces, 2 metal and glass domed ceiling fixtures, 9 sets of beaded clusters, lighting for the Liberty Bar, and the centerpiece – the “Light of Nations” chandelier. ”

The Light of Nations Sculpture


The centerpiece, referred to as the Light of Nations Sculpture welcomes people of all nations to the Aqueduct Raceway. With 193 individual hand-blown glass bulbs representing each of the United Nations member countries around the globe, this installation captures the essence and international flavor of Resorts World Casino New York City.

“Each bulb in this 60-foot-high and 12-foot-wide sculpture has been carefully inscribed with each individual country’s name, all in the same distinctive font used by the New York City subway system – a stylistic homage to our dynamic host city of New York.”

 The installation was designed to represent the vastness of our world and all is citizens. The constantly rotating and ever changing lights represent the unique nature of all of the various cultures around the globe.

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