Parx Casino Part One

Our Next large Scale Work


Our next big job came from the people at Parks Casino. This one was interesting on a few levels. First, it was a challenge because there was a fast approaching deadline. We were approached with the project in June and were expected to deliver in November.Usually a project of this size can use two months just deciding the basics such as size,colors, and the look and feel of the project. There are usually at least three rounds of back and fourth decision making before production starts. But in this case the owners were very hands on and were able to move things along nicely.


The scope of the job was simple enough, 2 chandeliers measuring 15’L x 10’W x 8’H and one larger chandelier measuring 18’L x 12′ W x 10′ H to be centered between the two smaller ones. This was the first time we had incorporated the two elements of the horns shapes and glass plates together. There were a lot of issues to resolve to make these pieces work together. In previous installations the horns had generally just hung from the framework of the chandelier. What we had to figure out was how to cantilever the plates off of that framework and articulate them so that they could be positioned just where we wanted them. What I came up with was a telescoping, double-jointed gizmo that we could bolt to the frame and then extend out and position precisely, mounting the plate at the end of the arm and further articulating the angle of the plate in its socket at the end of the arm.  The horn shapes could then be hung to flow out around the plates as you see in the pictures.

Another challenge in this project was organizing the installation. Because we didn’t belong to the union involved in the construction we had union members come to the studio and learn our installation process so that they could assemble the chandeliers onsite. We created a process together and the job came together smoothly.

Then, came the real test! Around July we were asked to produce Tapestry.  This work is composed of three ceiling panels measuring 45′ x 16′ filled with about eight hundred individually blown glass plates each measuring between 24″ to 40″ in diameter. Again, this all had to be engineered, produced and delivered by November. With the Casino opening scheduled for sometime in December our team went from six to nine people overnight. We worked seven day weeks from July to November to bring the project in on time. I don’t think I had a single day off, but in the end, the owners were thrilled with our work.