Artist Bio

Robert Kuster began blowing glass years ago as a “second career” and has achieved what most artisans may never achieve in a lifetime. His work is found in the most prestigious galleries in North America, his chandeliers grace magnificent homes, hotels, upscale restaurants, and many other public installations across the country – including SeaWorld, Orlando.

Robert’s work is inspired by the organic forms in nature. He has always incorporated the shape and color of vegetation from flowers, bamboo, seaweed and fruit. Nature as afforded Kuster unlimited shapes, colors, and texture and his work has ranged from large hand blown glass flowers to vivid multi-piece glass sculptures.

One notable installation was the “Seven Sisters” that includes 7 large glass sculptures that found a home at ACUITY Corporation in Sheboygan Wisconsin. The installation includes three (3) sculptures in vivid shades of red that include 2,300 pieces of glass each per sculpture. The large glass chandeliers measure 15 feet in diameter. The other four(4) sculptures are in shades of blue and measure 10 feet across.

More recently Robert completed a major installation at the new Resort World Casino, in New York. Although Robert designed and produced numerous chandilers and glass sculptures throughout the casino, the extraordinary, 60-foot-high and 12-foot-wide, rotating “Light of Nations” sculpture is the crown jewel of the casino.

Robert operates his studio in central NJ, and has three children.

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