In The White Room

Modern foyer with high ceiling and tile floor. View of steep staircase with black and white railings
Modern foyer with high ceiling and tile floor. View of steep staircase with black and white railings

Recently a customer came to us with a really interesting request. They wanted a chandelier for an entertaining space that had lots of visual impact, something you could look at for a long time and find visually interesting, but not busy. It couldn’t be too ornate; but should be a focal point in a very modern room with a minimalist and linear decor. Oh, and it needed to stay within the room’s main theme…”White”

Often, color is among the first things we talk about when designing a chandelier. Complimentary or contrasting? Opaque or transparent? This time the palette was already set. But studio glass is about so much more than just color. Using just a semi-transparent white and touches of black the chandelier would have to rely solely on the layering of the glass and on the way the light passes through those layers in order to create a sufficiently fascinating statement. Using this opalescent white and building up piece over piece this chandelier creates depth and stunning visual texture through the transfer of light through the glass alone.
I think one of the most interesting things about this piece is the way that your eyes keep finding new detail in it. The shadows and reflections cause you to look at the form of the glass and trace the component shapes with your eye without the distraction of color. Because of the transparency and the simplicity of the white on white, all of the intricacies of the form start to reveal themselves. Even after having created and installed so many chandeliers over the years this one causes me to pause and look at how it all fits together and how the light moves through it.

Complex and simple, intricate and elegant – I believe this one will draw the eye of many lucky guests for years to come, and sorry no black curtains.


This chandelier measures 72″ in height by 38″ in width. The 30 individual plates average 10″ in diameter and the total weight of the chandelier is 250 lbs. It was installed using an Aladdin Light Lift.