Whatever you do in your decorating philosophy, be brave….never wish you hadn’t taken your vision right to the end. Make a bold statement. ~ Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations

Nothing can breathe life into a home more than a stunning display of hot glass. Bring us your ideas, and we will create a bold solution. We have helped homeowners, big and small, add just the right custom glass element to complete their design idea. We can create chandeliers, sconces, pendant lighting, as well as a glass sculpture for your walls or garden.

Our Work

Belle Mead Hot Glass has been working with homeowners and designers for over 15 Years. We help you every step of the way: imagination, planning and installation. Owner, Robert Kuster’s, experience and breadth of skill enables him to design a custom piece that is not only perfect for your design ideas – but also a breathtaking one-of-a-kind work of art. Whether you are looking for a majestic centerpiece or just a way to brighten a dark area of your home, we can help.

Learn more about our Design Experience

Mr. Kuster works directly with the homeowner or designer and personally stays involved with the project throughout the entire process – until the final installation. If you have an idea in mind, just contact Belle Mead Hot Glass to discuss your project idea or set an appointment to visit our studio. A glass solution can be designed that will be perfect for your personal living space.

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