Chandeliers in the home

Below are just a couple of examples of some of the unique chandeliers we’ve produced for homeowners all over the world.

Someone recently asked me how many chandeliers I’ve made, and I realized that I just didn’t know. Although I believe it’s at least three or four thousand, it would be a lot of work to go back over all those old orders and make a count.  The chandeliers we create for peoples homes are always special because we are, in a sense, being invited into their home. Each space, and each  customer is unique. There’s a special satisfaction that comes from working through the challenges of each persons vision and creating a work of art that’s not only beautiful on it’s own but also in harmony with the home and the taste of those who live there.

Because we build all of the parts for the chandeliers right here at Belle Mead Hot Glass we have the freedom to experiment with shape and color and material until we capture just the right idea.  We have built wall sconces in narrow spaces where it seemed like nothing could give the perfect feel and could possibly fit. We have evoked gondolas and fire and flowers in sizes from under two feet to an illuminated “bonfire” sculpture that was every bit as big as a real bonfire.

Variety is the Key

When we first started making chandeliers, we started with three basic parts which complemented each another rather well. The pod a rounded oblong shape with a twisted tail about 16″ to 18″ long, the horn a long twisting narrow shape about 20″ to 22″ long and the gourd which is pear shaped and about 4″ to 5″ in diameter by about 6″ in length. when these three shapes are all put together in somewhat equal proportions they produce a chandelier that has depth and almost comes to life as you move around it. If you have only one color which many clients have  chosen to go with its an amazing piece. If you add multiple colors you get an explosion of color that’s sure to amaze all that see it.

The next logical step

The next logical step was to add accents. A short list includes flowers like tulips, roses ,irises,lillies, and poppies. In an earlier blog we mentioned the addition of sea-life, such as shells, starfish and seahorses. Making chandeliers according to a theme is a great way to showcase a customers love for the things that inspire them. We always welcome a challenge and if a request is something we haven’t done before all the better we love to try new things.


One interesting thing that we do here is upgrading, maintaining and retrofitting work from the past. It’s a service we are happy to provide and gives us an occasional tour through past years projects.  Some recent projects in this vein have included splitting a chandelier into two sconces in order to transition it from the entry of a family home to the dining room of a home the couple had recently purchased for retirement. This winter we re-lit a chandelier, switching from halogen to LED for a homeowner seeking to “go green”. And last week we completed a “nuts and bolts” cleaning of a chandelier in a home that had been flooded.  We truly want to create personalized pieces for individuals.

It always comes back to trust. Our customers trust that they are going to get a work of art that will live with them for many years to come. Whether a new construction project, a remodel or and upgrade for an existing work, our chandeliers bring a special kind of joy no matter where they live.