Acuity Installation, part 2, It’s Done!

That moment when Bob installed the last pieces on the first sphere was very sweet. With one down and one to go we left the first sphere to the expertise of Alfredo and Bob and went to sample some of Wisconsin’s ¬†famous fried cheese curds…

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bob puts the last few pieces into the top…



I don’t have any pictures of those cheese curds for you. They were gone that fast! Hard work, anticipation and satisfaction coupled with deliciousness make for big appetites and they were gone in a blink.



The spheres are endlessly fascinating as they transform. One of the things that draws artists towards working with this kind of project is the way they seem to grow and transform organically into their final shapes as they are assembled.

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
looking through one open panel into the other side and seeing the sphere from the inside out



Even after the months spent making the thousands of glass horns and steel pins and washers and clips, and testing and re-testing the fits – it just doesn’t stop being beautiful as it passes through the stages towards completion.

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Each time you look down at the piece it is different and beautiful.

After that the process seemed to flow like water. The employees at Acuity came by on their lunch breaks to remark on the work and the progress and we really relaxed into the rhythm of the work.




With one sphere completed we begin to make real progress on the second





As we worked on the second sphere it was hard to keep from looking over as Alfredo and Bob of Hennes worked to hoist and then secure the first sphere into it’s final mount about 25′ above.


Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Bob of Hennes making the switch from temporary to permanent mounts. Nerve-wracking!






Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
Alfredo of Hennes keeps a watchful eye


its coming for you....
Just playing with amazing backlight and some tilt shift …

After 6 days in Sheboygan we finally installed the last pieces on the last sphere. Alfredo and Bob from Hennes were standing by to hoist and secure the sphere and we were rushing to pack our tools into one little crate to ship home and pack ourselves off to the airport.

Flag at Acuity Insurance
rather grand isn’t it?
Read about this gigantic flag at

Ben Salzmann, President and CEO of Acuity Insurance company came and filled our pockets with Acuity goodies for the plane ride home. I’m wearing that sweatshirt as I type this! And Kurt Lodl took us into the hardhat area to see the progress on the campus’ next expansion. So, thank you to Ben Salzmann, who started this whole big idea, and Sheri Murphy, Vice President of Services and Administration, who administered through all the process (thank you) and Kurt Lodl and all the rest of the Acuity team who were so kind and welcoming. We look forward to working with you all again soon!

Bellemead Hot Glass, Robert Kuster,Hillsborough NJ 08844
One of the original Blue Spheres


3 of the original 7 sisters by Belle Mead Hot Glass for Acuity Insurance company
This gif of the spheres was originally captured on the app Fyuse. Look for #bellemeadhotglass on Fyuse and post your images back to us

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